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(MouseOver each image and/or click some to see originals or bonuses)

 Fark Photoshop 4/17/11:
I never thought this would happen, but... 
Presidizzle fo' rizzle

 Fark Photoshop 11/5/02: Homecoming King needs date 
Homecoming King & Date.

 Fark Photoshop 9/26/02: Women's Health Booklet 
Ru Paul, Man.

 Fark Photoshop 7/14/02: Louis Farrakhan 
Louis Farrakhan, Ass-Head

 Fark Photoshop 7/3/02:
Martial Arts guy getting kicked in the boys 
Martial arts guy losing round of Roshambo

 Fark Photoshop 6/22/02: Some Turkish soccer hero 
Some Turkish soccer hero as Po (Click for Original)

 Fark Photoshop 6/19/02:
Innapropriate Starbucks ads 
Innapropriate Starbucks ads: NAMBLA Friendly (Click for Original)

 WinXP Default Wallpaper Domo Kun Vs. Cactuar 
Domo Kun Vs. Cactuar (Click for Fire!)

 Fark Photoshop 6/1/02: Brooks and Dunn at the CMA 
Brooks and Dunn as Siegfried & Roy (Click for Original)

 Fark Photoshop 5/25/02: Louisiana Quarter 
Two hours of work, four lousy votes…

 Fark Photoshop 12/30/01: Odd signs on the highway 

 Fark Photoshop 11/7/01:
Enduring Freedom Trading Cards 
Forgot Vote Thingee :(